Scenes from Serbia

The Violin Maker of Zemun

A quirky yet genius craftsman.


Guidebook for the Dinner Guest

What to expect when you're expected for dinner.

Serbia’s Winter and the Apathy of the West

Serbia suffers one of its coldest winters in recent years; geopolitical power games make it even colder for migrants and refugees.

Matchmaking and Rule Breaking: Leave it to the Police

Some police officers take much more than the law into their own hands.


Novi Pazar slang for someone who wastes their meager earnings on fancy things.

Novi Pazar Profile: The People

Novi Pazar is home to Serbia's Muslim minority and an extraordinarily generous community.

Novi Pazar Profile: The Place

The city is an eyesore, but it's hiding some of Serbia's most fascinating historical gems.

Pandemonium: Where are the Traffic Lights?

So far I've counted one traffic light in Novi Pazar.

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